Richard Cox


Publications and Articles


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Related articles/interviews

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One Person Show Exhibition Catalogues

1970     Ikon Gallery. Birmingham

1976     Chapter Arts Centre, Main Gallery, Cardiff

               Oriel, Welsh Arts Council, Cardiff

1981     Recent Work University College Cardiff

1984     “Dreams From Detroit” Watershed Gallery, Bristol.   Touring Exhibition

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               Artists Union Gallery Trondheim, Norway  Interview with David Briers

1990     2+2 Recent Work (joint catalogue)

               The Old Library Cardiff  2 person show with Barrie Cook

1994     ”Archive and Work in Series 1979-94”  Turner House. National Museum of Wales

               Introduction Tim Egan, Essay Barrie Cook

1996     “9650” Recent Work  The Bridge Gallery  University of Glamorgan

               Introduction Hideo Furuta

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               Bemis Centre for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, Nebraska USA

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               Essay Dr Anne Price Owen

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               and Isabel Hitchman ISBN 0-9541611-5-7

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               Foreward Sushma Bahl MBE, Essay Anne Allen, Richard Cox ISBN 0-955-4778-3-2

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2015     Fifteen Sixtynine. School of Art & Museum. Aberystwyth University

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2017     Dreams From Detroit Images of the American Car in the Mid 20th Century Richard Cox

2023     Jantar Mantar Astronomical Observatory